Important information before getting started 

These General Terms of Business and, where appropriate, the relevant Special Terms, shall expressly govern the relationship between Mansolutely S.L., with Tax ID number B-76756485 and registered office at C/ Príncipe 12, 2ºB Madrid, (Madrid), (hereinafter Mansolutely) and third parties (hereinafter “Users” or “Customers”) who purchase products for sale on the website

The General Terms have been prepared in accordance with Law 34/2002 on E-commerce and Information Society Services, Law 7/1998 on General Terms of Business and other relevant legal regulations.

By using the website and/or buying any of its products, the User accepts, without reservations of any kind, each and every one of the General Terms of Business, the website’s General Terms of Use and the Special Terms, if applicable, that govern the purchase. By viewing this website or using it to place an order, you agree to these terms and our Privacy Policy, so if you do not agree with all the terms or the Privacy Policy, you should not place an order.

Mansolutely informs its users that the process for purchasing articles is that described in the General Terms of Business and instructions indicated on-screen whilst a user is browsing. The User therefore understands and accepts such processes as a necessary step to access the products and services offered on the website.

Any changes and/or corrections to the information provided by Users whilst they browse should be made in accordance with the instructions given on the site.

The User may access, print, download and save the General Terms of Business at any time. These terms can be accessed permanently on the website by clicking on the General Terms link on


Products for sale. Purchasing system 

The terms listed below make up the “General Terms of Business” and their aim is to regulate the products purchased by users on and sold by Mansolutely in their on-line shop. The User shall consult, register and accept these terms before making on-line purchases and understands that access to the shop and the purchase of any of the products on sale implies that they have accepted the General Terms of Business. Users who wish to purchase products for sale on must be registered. They should be over eighteen years of age and should follow the instructions included in these General Terms of Business and any others that appear on-screen:

(a) Complete the on-line form that appears on the screen depending on the user’s purpose and follow the instructions contained therein

(b) Click on the Confirm Purchase icon/button

(c) Registration confirmation sent to the User’s email address

Mansolutely reserves the right to stop selling any of the products sold on the website at any time and without prior notice.

The information that appears on the website is current as of the latest update. Mansolutely reserves the right to make decisions at any time about the products displayed and on sale to Users on the website, meaning that the site content and elements may be updated, changed or deleted without prior notice if the company believes it to be necessary. As a result, Mansolutely may add new products to those already on the website at any time and such products shall be covered by the General Terms in force at the time, except where otherwise stated.

The username and password given by the User to Mansolutely, which identify each user and enable him/her to access the products and services on the website, are personal and cannot be transferred.

Mansolutely reserves the right to cancel the username and password and therefore access to the website of those users who do not comply with the Terms of Use or the General Terms of Business in force in each case.

To make a purchase, the user shall send their order on-line using “Checkout”.

The information that appears in the catalogues and price lists is intended as guidance only. Mansolutely may change this information without prior notice and at any time depending on market conditions, although Mansolutely guarantees that the prices applied are always those that appear on the website when confirming an order. Price changes will not affect orders that have already been placed.

Special offers, promotions and discounts shall be valid until the date stated or whilst stocks last.

Mansolutely uses this website to sell a range of products marketed under the Mansolutely brand. The following information is included with all articles sold on the website:

Article name
Picture of article
Description of article
Sizes (in case it is a ready to wear product)
Materials used
Care instructions
Colours available

Users are warned that the colour of garments viewed on-screen may differ as a result of the PC/MAC screen and that no guarantee can be made that the colours seen are the exact same colours as the garments themselves.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mansolutely makes every effort to ensure that the colours viewed on-line are as close as possible to the colours of the actual garments.


Purchasing procedure

To purchase the articles you want, you should select them and add them to “Cart” by clicking on the relevant icon.The Cart contains the reference number of the item chosen, the price and the relevant taxes.

To place an order, you need to be registered. You will be asked to provide some personal information which will be added to our database to process the order and make it possible for you to place future orders on Users can access their personal information and details about all their orders. It is important that you provide accurate information to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes when delivering the articles you have purchased. If requested, you can also receive information or newsletters about the site by post and/or email.

Once an order has been placed and all details provided, and before the products are sent out, you will see a summary that lists each product purchased, the total cost (transport costs and taxes included) and the delivery details. You should confirm the order by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Once the operation has been confirmed, an order number will be displayed on the site which you can use to monitor your order at all times.

You will also be sent an email with a description of the order and the personal details that you have provided. If you do not receive this email, please contact Mansolutely by email (


Delivery process, costs & period

Mansolutely uses nationally and internationally known courier services to send out their orders to customers. The home delivery date depends on the product purchased, being 45 days for made to measure products and 10 days for standard size products. For shipments outside Spain you will have to add from 1 to 2 days more to the period before written. Delivery costs will appear on the website before you confirm your order.

A delivery is completed when the product is handed over to the Customer by the courier service and the recipient signs to confirm receipt of the delivery. The recipient should check the products upon receipt and report any complaints or comments that could be justified.

Mansolutely guarantees the delivery time except in circumstances which are beyond our control (the customer is not available, public holidays, adverse weather conditions, mistakes in the delivery information, legal procedures). The shipping is always free for orders above 150€ (200$ or 130pounds). For orders below this value, Mansolutely will charge 12€ (15$ or 10 pounds) of shipping costs.


Buyers’ rights & returns policy

Exchanges & refunds

Mansolutely will proceed to remake the item if:

(a) The fabric chosen does not match the item received (differences in shading caused by the effect of the monitor are not considered at this point.

(b) The configuration of the item does not correspond to the order.

Keep in mind that the measurements introduced in your profile are body measurements and depending on the characteristics of the garment ordered, it will lead to different body measurements, so that direct comparison between the size of the garment and profile measurements will not be considered as a valid argument to obtain a refund. All matters relating complaints about the measurements, are governed by the following section called Alterations.


Mansolutely offers compensation to the User necessary expenses for final adjustments of the garment always when the User meets the following requirements:

(a) The adjustment is performed by a professional tailor

(b) It has been opened a claim issue within 15 days of the receipt of the garment

(c) In case of a measurement claim, the User has modified his measurement profile

(d) Sent the scanned bill to

Mansolutely undertakes to repay the expenses incurred by measurement adjustments within 15 days , if the above requirements are properly complied and setting a limit by garment as following:

Suit : 40 €

Blazer: 25 €

Waistcoat: 15€

Trousers: 15€

Shirt: 15€

In those cases where the item can not be adjusted, the user must open up an incidence of "Remake" so Mansolutely can asses wether your garment can’t be adjusted or not.

If Mansolutely accepts the incidence of " Remake", the user must send the garment subject to "Remake" to our offices:

Calle Príncipe 12, 2ºA
28012 – Madrid

The User shall bear the costs of shipping the product.

Mansolutely reserves the right to refuse the product sent by the user if it has been used or has been made ​​any adjustments.

The remake garment will be received by the user in the same period as a regular order, after acceptance of the Remake incident by Mansolutely.


Paying terms

The products purchased on this website shall be paid for by the User on-line using a credit card, the PayPal system or bank transfer. The User must pay the full amount of the products purchased and an order shall be deemed valid once payment confirmation has been received from the relevant bank.  

If a credit or debit card is used, once the details provided have been checked, the charge shall be made on-line in real time using the relevant bank’s payment gateway. Credit cards are subject to the relevant checks and authorisations by the issuing bank, meaning that if such bank does not authorise payment, Mansolutely is not responsible for a delayed or unsuccessful delivery.


The user’s duties

The User agrees to accept all the provisions and terms included in these General Terms of Business and to keep their website username and password confidential at all times.

Likewise, the User agrees to provide accurate information at all times when registering and placing an order and to always keep this information updated.

The User agrees to help with the delivery by providing an address to which the order may be delivered. Mansolutely is not responsible in any way if a User’s order is delayed or cannot be delivered due to the User not having provided a delivery address.

Applicable legislation & relevant jurisdiction

Purchases made using the website are subject to Spanish legislation.

In the event of conflict or discrepancy when interpreting or applying these terms of business, the courts and tribunals dealing with such matters shall be those established by the applicable legislation within the relevant jurisdiction, such jurisdiction being, in relation to consumers, the location where the obligation is to be met or the purchasing party’s domicile. 

If the buyer lives outside Spain, both parties expressly waive their right to any other jurisdiction and submit to the Courts and Tribunals in Madrid (Spain).